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“It only takes moments to create a lasting memory”

2012 Tourism Awards

Rossahilly House & Barn received a ‘commendation’ at the Northern Ireland Tourism Awards held at the Grand Opera House in Belfast on 21st May 2012.

Almost 400 people attended one of the most innovative and successful events and Rossahilly House was delighted to achieve a commendation in the non-serviced accommodation category.

We aim to provide our guests with a flexible and unique offer, surrounded by stunning lakeland and country views in this beautiful region. By receiving this commendation we believe we are heading on the right track and will continue to work hard on behalf of all our guests to provide a warm welcome and an unbelievable visit.

Co. Fermanagh is proving to be an exceptional region, recognised for its stunning natural beauty in addition to its welcoming nature.

The recent filming of the BBC TV series, ‘Blandings’ and the forthcoming Samuel Beckett International Festival will add to Fermanagh’s credentials as a top tourism destination in northern Europe.

May we also offer a big thank you to all our guests, visitors and tourism partners who have helped to make Rossahilly House such a wonderful place.


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